A sophisticated identity and an online archive for the Brillideas jewelry collection

Brillideas is the personal project of jewelry designer Susanna Crevatin, who contacted Omnibrand to create a visual identity for her exclusive collection of handcrafted jewelry. With a multidisciplinary approach that involved us in the definition of the brand identity, in the design of a web archive and in the creation of packaging and promotional materials, we have relaunched the designer’s activity by showing all the beauty that is hidden in simplicity.

A visual identity that highlights the essential
The beads and threads that make up the jewels are high quality materials, selected for their unique properties and fine finishes. Similarly, the visual identity focuses on the elegance of graphic details and on an accurate choice of materials and textures. The chromatic variety of the jewels is highlighted by a neutral graphic palette with warm and delicate notes. The visual language is unified by the use of a single character, elegant and modern at the same time.

My personality and preferences are perfectly expressed in the solution chosen by Omnibrand to showcase my works — essential and rigorous but at the same time approachable and exhaustive for the user.

Susanna Crevatin

Exclusivity and uniqueness as key points of the online archive
The website acts as a digital archive of the jewels made by the designer over the years of her activity. Her works are unique pieces, tailor-made according to the specific needs of the customers. For this reason, we have put aside the idea of a traditional e-commerce platform to instead create a showcase of custom works.


Brand identity
Art direction
Graphic design
Web design
Web development




Susanna Crevatin

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