An information platform for the dissemination of the Expero4care model in the healthcare sector

With European funding and the collaboration of prestigious Italian and foreign institutions and universities, the Expero team has created an innovative model for evaluating educational quality in the healthcare sector. For Expero4care we have developed a fresh but professional visual language, and through information and promotional materials we have communicated its values: innovation, healthcare, method.

The value of the Expero4care project
Particularly in the recent years the European Union has been involved in the promotion and application of standards in the subject of certification and quality of training results — a field for which there is appropriate funding, but not an adequate return on investment (ROI), thus producing a loss of meaning of training. The European project Expero4care fits within this context, introducing a new standard built specifically for the evaluation of the educational outcome in the healthcare sector.

A vivid but professional branding system
Used on corporate materials and stationery, the logo designed for Expero4care expresses the ideas of exchange, interconnection and dynamism. It borrows the colours of the healthcare sector but livens them up, laying the foundations for the development of a unique graphic language. An integral part of the project is an information platform for the dissemination of all the materials that illustrates how to apply the Expero4care standard step by step.

Practical icons for a user-friendly interface
In the visual language of Expero4care, graphic precision and attention to details are counterbalanced by the lightness and liveliness of pictograms and illustrations. Four icons not only identify the four main areas of the site (project, model, database, documentation) but also decorate the communication: from leaflet covers and workbooks to brochures, information materials and presentations.


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