Studio Apollonia

Professional and modern corporate identity for the dental practice Studio Apollonia

Saint Apollonia, tooth protector — hence the name of the dental practice for which Omnibrand has designed the corporate identity and a new website. Thanks to the collaboration of professionals in the sector, Studio Apollonia deals with the rehabilitation of the dental patient through the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and equipment. But modernity and professionalism are also the concepts on which Omnibrand has worked on for the new visual identity of the studio.

The tooth as an emblem of dental practice
The Studio Apollonia logo combines a double A to abstractly recreate the main symbol of dental practice: the tooth. Combined with it are a bright but sober colour palette and an accurate typography. These are the main elements that make up the visual identity of the studio applied to all communication. In support of the classic materials, Omnibrand has also designed personalised diaries and appointment tickets.

A split screen layout for multiple levels of information
Taking up the duality of the brand, the division of the website layout into two halves allows the user to get the main information at a glance and to deepen the covered topics through detailed explanations. The use of bright colours and photographs specifically shot in the studio helps to create an informal and friendly look, moving away from an idea of coldness typical of the medical field.


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Studio Apollonia